What This Blog is About

It always seems that in politics and political parties, especially leading candidates for high office, the media often paints an incomplete picture, and one that is largely vague and biased. Our country is facing a political crisis where the vision of our Founding Fathers is being thrown aside for perceived social justice and identity politics. Our current challenge as a nation is obvious in that both major parties seem bent on providing the worst of candidates for us to choose while big cooperations and the mainstream media prevent third party candidates from being viable choices. Here there will be a voice calling out for good sense, regardless of whether it will be popular with the majority.

I choose “good sense” instead of “common sense”. Our current division as a nation is all the indication we need that, despite the perception that common sense is an objective measure, it is usually derived from a subjective measure used to prop up one’s own opinion of what is right and just against another by making it seem as if thinking in such ways is “common”. Instead I will focus on ideas that logically produce results, or “good sense”. After all, if the sensibility of a group of people lead to undesirable consequences, it would still be “common sense” among that group and yet undesirable at the same time. Let us use the subjective matter of “good sense” and inform each other of the truth out there.

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